Kelly and Jon

Engaged Couple

Kelly and Jon
Welcome to the very first fansite dedicated to Kelly Parks and Jon Corso. They are the engaged couple on the fourth installment of the popular CBS reality television show "The Amazing Race". Look for upcoming updates, photos, possible interviews, and more!!

About the Team
Kelly, 30, has been modeling for the past 10 years. She met her fiancé in a "dive bar" in South Beach, Miami. Kelly admits to being high-strung and obsessive, "athletic, bossy and silly." She enjoys scuba diving, running and traveling, and attended two years of junior college. Kelly and Jon recently had a "bad breakup on their three-year anniversary" over getting married, but since then, they've gotten engaged. Nothing's off limits in conversation. Kelly believes that she "could fit in at the presidential banquet or at a frat party," though Barbara Bush once told her at a VIP Texan party to "stay away from George." She gets motion sickness and fears spiders, bees, heights and sharks.

Originally from New Jersey, Jon, 28, is a real estate agent and has worked as a model and bartender in the past. He's an "all-around good athlete" and graduate of Rutgers University, which he attended on a Lacrosse scholarship. He enjoys skiing and boating and considers himself to be "spontaneous, competitive and funny." Jon claims to have no fears and he often blows off steam by playing football on the beach. He spent some time in Thailand with his teammate and has traveled to Italy, France, Holland, the UK and Portugal. He speaks no foreign languages. Jon describes Kelly as "very sympathetic for others," but admits that one of his pet peeves about himself is that he is extremely critical of other people.

The CBS Q and A
Kelly and Jon are still on the show, and hopefully they will stay that way. So, for now the interview is all we can list.

How would you describe your previous travel experience?
Kelly: I think I am well traveled. Over the years, with modeling, I've been to several countries.
Jon: I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and some of Asia.

What is the most stressful aspect of traveling?
Kelly: Flying! It's more annoying than stressful.
Jon: Airports.

What is the most important item in your backpack, and why?
Kelly: Birth control! Don't want to screw that up. Can you imagine?
Jon: Clean underwear: it all starts from there.

Why did you want to be on THE AMAZING RACE?
Kelly: Crazy people do crazy things!
Jon: It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel the world with my fiancée.

Have you and your partner traveled together before?
If so, what was it like?
Kelly: We went backpacking in Thailand. We bought plane tickets with no itinerary and winged it for a month. It was great!
Jon: Yes, we have traveled to Portugal, Ireland and backpacking through Thailand.

What do you fear most about competing in THE AMAZING RACE?
Kelly: Letting Jon down, but mostly myself.
Jon: Making some stupid mistake that gets us eliminated.

What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to the Team?
Kelly: Strengths: competitive. Weaknesses: clumsy and high-strung. When Jon's one extreme, I'm the opposite. We balance each other.
Jon: We are very athletic and well-traveled, but we can waste time arguing about stupid stuff.

What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the Team?
Kelly: Jon's a strong person with real commitment. He'll make me feel safe and calm in the stressful situations.
Jon: Kelly is everything I am not: she is thoughtful, compassionate and a caring person. She can get frustrated easily, though.

What will you miss the most from home (besides your bed)?
Kelly: Venting to my friends and family (usually about Jon).
Jon: I really will not miss anything, I am so grateful to have this experience.

What languages do you speak?
Kelly: English and travel Spanish.
Jon: I speak English, but in Miami that is a second language.

What destination are you hoping to visit?
Kelly: Egypt! Pyramids!
Jon: I would love to visit the Galapagos Islands, but that might be a little tricky to get to.

What country do you feel best prepared for?
Kelly: All the hot and humid places.
Jon: I would say the US. It would be great if the final leg was through my hometown in New Jersey.
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